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Bioderma Sensibio Hidratante Calmante...

Bioderma Sensibio Hidratante Calmante Rica, 40ml


Protección diaria con efectos calmantes, hidratantes y nutritivos para pieles sensibles intolerantes secas a muy secas.  

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Sensibio Rich Bioderma Cream 40 ml. Moisturising cream with a soothing and nourishing effect, formulated with the patented Toléridine® complex that acts immediately on inflammation. Increases the skin's tolerance threshold. It calms the feeling of heat and tightness and generates immediate comfort. It moisturises and restructures the skin barrier, preventing the passage of irritants. Bioderma Sensibio can be found in our online pharmacy Farmacheca.


Sensibio Rich Bioderma Cream 40 ml. Moisturising cream formulated with rigorously selected active ingredients, suitable for sensitive, intolerant, dry and very dry skin. Its velvety texture makes the skin soft. Preservative and fragrance free. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.


Sensibio Rich Bioderma Cream 40 ml. Apply 1 or 2 times a day to the face and neck, on clean, dry skin. Massage gently until completely absorbed.

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